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Vacuum Enlargement Pump Nipple Sucker


1 box Nipple Super sucker. Includes 1 pink, 1 blue suction tube.


Vacuum Enlargement Pump Nipple Sucker

Natureday Nipple Sucker might look small, but it super sucks:)

Nipple sucker is great for reversing inverted nipples. It helps your nipples get larger by drawing them out. The Natureday nipple pump will increase sexual sensitivity and libido.


Usage of Vacuum Nipple Pump:

Natureday Nipple Super Sucker is easy to use  and easy to clean.
Put the clear cylinder over your nipples and squeeze the air with the rubber bulb to get rid of the air.
Once there is a vacuum keep the sucker over your nipples for 15 minutes at a time.

Additional information

Weight 13 oz


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