Will Your Breasts Stay Perky if You Don’t Wear a Bra?

braThis is a great question, and here’s the very first thing to note – only women on the younger side with small to mid-sized busts tend to ask it. Why? Well, and this is the big keyword folks…gravity.

The answer is yes, if a woman with breasts (vs. flat-chested) doesn’t wear a bra over time gravity will take it’s tole quicker relative to the overall weight of the breast tissue we’re talking about. Very large breasts will head south very quickly without support, while the average bust will take a bit longer in accordance to lifestyle and genetics.

That being said, bras can’t prevent droopage, not objectively.

Without going too deeply into the physiology of breasts, they don’t have any musculature. There’s plenty of “Cooper’s” ligaments holding them to the chest-wall and pectorals behind them, but they themselves don’t have any muscles you could work to keep them on the perkier side, like your glutes for example (your butt).

Make sense?

Through food and conditioning you can control the vast majority of your physique, but you can’t “flex” your actual milk-producing breasts.

Quick Tip: If you wear bras, do keep in mind you should be exercising your pectorals. Think about it, the pectorals in women are designed to hold the breasts. Without a bra, these muscles are doing their jobs and getting in a workout to some degree. With a bra doing most if not all the supporting though.


How Supportive Should Your Bras Be?

Ugh, there’s a ton of options – sports bras, highly-supportive bras with wiring, push-up bras, and zillions of regular every day to sexy-styled bras. And if that didn’t make things confusing enough, there’s all kinds of modern debates flaring up around bras vs. going “all natural” and breast cancer.

I’m not a doctor, but if you strictly study what a cancerous cell is…I don’t think bras (meaning a breast support tool) cause cancer. They can drain your purse of money though.

Truth is, eventually the network of ligaments holding your breast tissue and all that amazing biology to produce milk are going to give in. Why? Because they aren’t made of steel but collagen and elastin which break down over time NO MATTER WHAT.

And then, if/when a woman gets pregnant the dramatic engorgement and enlargement, then post-pregnancy stage will take their tole regardless if a woman breast feeds or not. It’s the way nature works.

Shoot for comfort and support. Enjoy your breasts. If you wear them a ton, remember to regularly exercise your pecs (pushups are super-easy and quick once you get used to them).

No woman can stop the forces of time and gravity. No bra can either. But, they’re very helpful in the breast-presentation/style department and that will always be true.