Desire to have breasts.

male who is 33 years of age. Younger I found my attention to breasts different than I’m sure many others if not all others of my age.

attract to breasts sexually of course but I also incredibly envious of them.
I wanted them.

I did not know why and just assumed it  how my brain  wired in a phase. Over the years it never faded and only became stronger.
I never have in my life identified as female, nor do I ever have a desire to be a female nor do I cross-dress or have any feminine habits and traits that would be associated as that.

So the desire to have breasts really befuddles me and causes a bit of confusion to myself. Coming to fast forward to 33 I decided to quit ordering and cancelling and ordering and returning out of fear of what would happen in the long haul of using this product and decided to dive in and deal with stares and suspicions if they came as my breasts grew more noticeable given I had courage to grow large enough.

I choose the soap as it is discreet and doesn’t give attention to anything for those who may see it and remains my little secret. It has been 3 months of using it so far as of April 2018 and my chest that is firm when flexed by muscle has now become soft and cushioned and curved by breast tissue that has taken over.

Even when I flex and you touch my chest it is just soft. Which in earlier days when I’d flex it would flatten things out and hide the tissue at that stage.

Not anymore… As mentioned I have no idea why I want breasts, I’m straight, I’m a guy, I don’t know, I just do. And I couldn’t be more thankful and in debt to Natureday and their phenomenal staff for providing such an incredible product.

“You look skinnier but it looks like you got boobs growing”

With a friend the other day who I hadn’t seen in awhile and they literally said “You look skinnier but it looks like you got boobs growing”. I acted embarrassed and left it alone.

Other week and in the sauna making small talk with an older gentleman talking politics and daily news and he said “not to make an awkward statement son but I know we often don’t know our bodies cause we see them daily.

You may want to see a dr and find out why you have tits” I acted embarrassed and said I thought they seemed to be growing but hoping Im paranoid as he replied “nope they are there”.

The definitive growth and curve and to show pictures to others and have them go those look like breasts not moobs.

They are noticeable now vs not. Even as small as they are. I remember seeing this person on Natureday named Jamie or Jayme, and he had grown to well around a D or DD cup and I admired it so much.

The fact that there is potential to grow that big. I love the fact that this product is so affordable and works so effectively and does not hinder the endocrine system whatsoever and allows the body to develop breasts without causing disruption to other functions of the body.

31, I am a male, and I am growing breasts all thanks to natureday and it almost makes me cry from happiness to look down and see the projection I see, to take pictures and see the definitive growth and curve and to show pictures to others and have them go those look like breasts not moobs.

My biggest fear is growing breasts and them just sagging as they grow or being floppy and flat vs round and bounce. Time will tell as they grow as I’m onlyan A cup right now.

However, I am excited, and eager to see them grow and to see them become more noticeable under my clothes. I am unsure how I will wear bras if I grow big enough to need one and how I will explain it.

I am thrilled to be past the stage of fear and ordering and cancelling and ordering and returning out of fear and so so excited to finally have caved and given in to doing this for real and getting real results.

Thank you for your patience over the years and the headaches I caused, and Thank you so much for making a product that allows me to start this journey safely, organically, at this age vs hoping it happens naturally in old age.

This product is marvelous, and so is the staff, and as time continues I hope to be able to revise and resubmit a new testimonial of this product, with hopefully bigger breasts that are undeniably breasts.

05/21/18 Ending the 1st bar of the 2 you gave me and thought I’d share so far  a lot more tissue is there and it’s quite sore near the under arms pretty often unsure if that’s cause of weight or growth or what but if it is normal let me know.

Going on vacation in August. Do you think they are quite noticeable or if people would stare or as a woman do you think people even really notice this stuff as much as us who have them now worry about it?

I Received My Second Order Of Pills & Liquid Male Breast Enlargement Today.