What Is Detoxing and Why Is It Necessary?

Whether you have a strong understanding on what detoxing is or not; I’m sure you’ve heard the word a time or five. Detoxing has grown in national popularity. While it helps you lose weight fast it completely flushes any toxins out of your body. Although, I’ve heard of many more reasons for individuals detoxing such as, for health reasons, to pass a U.A., or to even increase blood flow and metabolism.

Detoxing can be very beneficial when done annually. It’s even more important to do when you either plan on losing weight or have already begun. Fat cells often hold an excess of toxins within them. So, when they are released and burned, they leave these toxins within your body. Which not only slows down your metabolism, but it also can have long term health effects.

One thing to be sure to do when detoxing is to drink plenty of water. More specifically drink electrolyte water. As your electrolytes are lost just as much as your water during a detox period. Lack of electrolytes and water can cause major health problems.

Although, there’s multiple methods of detoxing. Each method of detoxing has its differences and similarities. Be sure to find one that fits you. With that being said the different methods includes:

Juice Cleanse

This is the famous fast method. You know the method that is commonly televised on all our favorite shows. A juice cleanse is when you detox using fruit or vegetable juices and water. A juice cleanse is a great detox method simply because it’s replenishing your body of the nutrients it’s also stepping out. Which stops your body from ever being deprived of its nutrients.

Minimal Food

This is where you eat a few enough foods that your body naturally sets itself into a detox. While this method is an easy method to understand it isn’t anything special. It just jumpstarts your body. While other methods truly clean everything out this method just throws your body into shock.

Supplemental Cleanse

More often than not this method was created in a lab tested by a group of scientists. Which makes it a reliable method when you truly want results and a true Cleanse. They often will give you the product and tell you exactly how to take it and how long you should be close to the toilet. Because most of these methods completely clean you out.

Herbal Cleanse

This type of Cleanse is a lot like the supplement Cleanse, but it’s made with all-natural substances. Unless the package says herbal or all natural in some way or another it’s often created with some sort of altered or lab made product and influences the detox method. Although, with all natural or herbal methods you can find all components on Earth growing on its own. Which is easier and better for your body.


This method is often thought of as a relaxation method. Although, when in a sauna you are naturally relieving toxins via sweat. Sweat naturally carries toxins out of your bloodstream. It also takes out excess water weight and other terrible components. Making it a natural cleanse method.


No matter the reasoning for a detox. It’s important to understand all the different detox methods and know which is best for you. No matter your choice it’s important to cleanse before or during the beginning of your weight loss plan. When your body burns fat cells toxins are released. These toxins can put your goals at a haunt due to damage on your body. Each detox does something a little different making each one better for some reasoning and sore for others.

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