Adult Circumcision

Last year January 2022 As I was taking a shower before I went to bed standing under the shower head and the nice warm water run over my body. Of course, gravity works and now I need an adult circumcision. I pulled my foreskin back so I could wash my penis glans. When the warm water it my penis I felt a very sharp sting and of course it came from my penis. As I checked my penis, I saw blood on the glans and a bit lower, it was painful.  Since that month My penis bled without reason and I noticed several very fine fissures and even blood from the penis head. I had no Idea where it came from and my friend was not the cause we only oral intimacy and that was five months prior my shower in January so he was not the cause. I even went through STI test and it all came back negative.

So, my doctor suggested to have a circumcision which I wanted if that would stop the bleeding. It stopped the bleeding but the reason why i started to bleed remains. The surgeon, nice young doctor, send me home with this instruction he can look but cannot touch. And that has bee my instructions as well.

Yes, I miss my foreskin but it is not the end of the world, My groin pain which is going on for a combined 28 is pure hell a lot worse than losing my foreskin. So, I want these products to enlarge my breasts and to demonstrate next year at the transgender clinic that I want surgery and I have two


Options option one is a Penectomy that is the removal of my penis and testicle or the Scrotectomy and that is the removal of my left-over testicle and the removal of the scrotum But I keep my penis. As I have talked just about every doctor is the pain in the groin is in the part of the men’s penis that is inside the body and I can feel the pain in that region it is always there same place for 28 years. If they can only make me pain free is by the Penectomy I will sign the consent form. If I want breasts so transition MtF than my penis has to go anyway but that is years in the future. but I will play it one day at the time.

I am back on my morphine for the last eight months or so and this morning I also took my marijuana pill again. While I was in bed last night and the pain was severe, I said to myself if I could have a wish my wish was for me to wake up in the morning and look at my groin and my penis and groin were completely gone and a nice Vagina in its place.  I only slept for about three hours. Live goes on. and I still look towards the future.

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