My breasts are so full,sensitive and firm.  Big Male Breast of Jaymie 

(03-18-09) Hi amy, Thanks so much for your kind words. I am totally amazed and so very happy with how i now look!! They look and feel wonderful!My breasts are so full,sensitive and firm. Here are a few updated pics of me in my new bra…I love them!! I guess this is as big as i will ever be,i was not expecting to grow to a DD cup…lol.I am so happy!! Take care, Jaymie:) I just sent you updated pics,i hope you are as amazed as i am.They just look and feel great!!Thanks. I love the new bra as well…Great color!! Take care, Jaymie.

(11-03-08) Hi Amy, It has been awhile since my last up date.WOW,i am sooo pleased with how i now look.They seem to be in the final filling out stage,they look more and more shaply every day.My nipples are huge and so sensitive!!I am getting many e:mails.Many are asking if i am male or female.They can’t believe a guy could have breasts like i have!!Many say my body is very feminine as well.I must admit,i love it when they can’t tell if i’m male or female.It shows how far i have come!!I hope you like my new pics.I really shows how beautiful they look and feel,these are mine for life. I love them!!! Take care, Jaymie. Sorry for so many pics,no need to use them all.Thanks.

(07-08-08) Hello Amy, I thought it was about time for a quick update..I seem to be developing a much fuller feminine bust.I feel there is more size over my entire breast now,not just behind the nipples.I feel so much more feminine when i look at them.Nipples are full and puffy,very sensitive to touch as well. The breasts are still tender and sore to touch.I guess this is a result of all the extra tissue and gland development i now have… I do want to thank all the great e:mails i have received from both men and women.They have been soo supportive and happy for me. Thank you to Amiel,i am glad my pictures have inspired you along your journey.I see you have had wonderful results as well.Congratulations on your development.All the best to you Amiel. Thanks again Amy.I am so happy,they feel amazing!!! Take care.Jaymie.I’m still a DD cup,some people have said its too small.They don’t make this bra any larger though.I love it.LOL.Thanks.

(05-10-08) Hi Amy, Just thought i would let you know how my development is going. Its amazing,they seem to be filling out exactly like female breasts. Tissue and glands,aswell as milk ducts etc.Its wondderful. I have some updated picS of me in my DD cup bra,they feel wonderful and natural.They are still very sore around and behind the nipple, Is this normal and does this mean they are still growing? I have had some great feedback from my last pic,you are welcome to use the same E:mail address.Some people who write are amazed at the size im at and so am i,they look great. I have also had a few E:mails from women wanting to know more about me and my development.Could you please add a pic,maybe just a bra pic and post it on the FEMALE results and testimonial page with my E:MAIL ADDRESS.I would love to speak with them and answere any questions they may have for me. everyone who has replied to me have been wonderful and supportive of who i am as a person.Thankyou all who replyed. Thanks again Amy, The product works! Jaymie.

(04-18-08) Hi Amy, Just a quick update of my progress. Yes i still seem to be growing,i can now feel tissue and glad development in my breast!They bounce when i walk now.They are still very tender and sore around and behind the nipple area,will this stay the same or will the tenderness spread over my entire bust? They look huge in my new DDcup bra,I love them.Thanks Amy! Its ok to print Email address if you like. Thanks,jaymie.

(02-22-08) Hi again Amy, How have you been? I’m growing well!I have a couple of updated pics of my large bust,yes i now have DDcup breasts!Here are my pics to prove how big i have become.Also my new measurments.I love natureday.if anyone would care to give feed back on these results i would be happy to respond or if you have had similar results.Thanks again. Jaymie.

 (01-16-08) Hi amy,I hope you had a wonderful New Year. I am just sending you a couple of updated pics of my development. The pics are of me in my brand new bra,Yes,i out grew my last one! Im now wearing a full figure,underwire,DDcup bra.It fits perfectly but makes them look huge!If i wear it out its usually under a loose fitting top,even then they get noticed.If i wear a tighter fitting top you can imaging the constant staring.I don’t mind sometimes but not every move i make! I saw my doctor the other week,she took one look at them and agreed that i now need to support them daily.Which can be a bit difficult at times,im still a little shy about going out full time wearing it.My doctor is still saying i must have taken hormones to get that large,i just smile.She said that there are many woman out there who would love to have the bust i now have,which suprised me.I didn’t think they were that perfect!Do they really look like a real womans breast? Anyway i hope the pics turn out ok Amy.You also said im now on a few other web sites.I would very much love to see them,if you could please send them to me that would be great.I would love to see other peoples opinions of how they look.Once again it is your wonderful product that helped me achieve these huge results. Thanks again Amy, I will be intouch. Ok to reply to this address. Jaymie. I do love them,the natural bounce and sensitivity i now have is great.I still look at them in a mirror sometimes and i’m amazed how perfect and full they now look. 

(12-14-07) Hi Amy, Just a quick update on where i have come to.The growth has continued and there is no way to hide them anymore.They are at the size and shape i have always dreamed of.They feel amazing,so natural and sensitive to touch! I am still attracting alot of attention aswell.Lets hope the growth slows a little.They are perfect,thanks so much.I will keep you updated. Ok to reply,on friends E:mail. Jaymie.

(09-21-07) Hi Amy,Thanks so much for the response to my E:mails. Love the page you did for me! I just can’t believe how big they have got,they have just ballooned! Will these results stay as they are? How big would you say i am at the moment? I have been getting asked questions if they are real or fake! I’m always happy to say REAL! I now have to wear a bra everyday,which im still getting use to. It is a great feeling though,knowing that you actually have to wear one! Thanks again for everything amy, i have a couple of pics of me in my new bras. O.k to reply. Jaymie:)

(09-13-07) Hi amy,jaymie again. Just a couple more pics of my amazing development thanks to your formula.These are taken 6 weeks after my last pics i posted to you and yes they are still growing.My girlfriends can’t believe the size i have reached and how perfect the look and feel.They said they would have to be a DDcup.Will they keep growing and are these results permanent?I love them,they feel so big and soft.Thanks again. Jaymie. On my friends computer,its ok to reply. Hope the pics turn out ok.

(08-22-07) Hi its Jaymie again,sorry it took so long to reply,my friend went away so i couldn’t use their computer.You wanted pics of me without my bra on.I hope these turn out ok.They are getting bigger every month. I think im now a full Dcup.They feel very soft, natural and bouncy.Your welcome to use the bra pics if needed.Thanks again.Jaymie.O.k to reply,on friends computer. Will they get larger?I think im happy with the size they have reached.Big,bouncy and very soft!Thanks again. 

(06-09-07) Hi amy,this is Jaymie again! i have had some wonderful results with your formula. This is my update after 12months. I now fill out a Dcup bra and they feel huge! Thanks for everything.I am getting many comments on how large and natural they look aswell!I have attached some pics of me in my new Dcup bra. Im am using a friends email,but its ok for you to reply. Thanks,Jaymie

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