Male to Female Transformation

Male to Female Transformation

Male to Female Transformation 8 Steps

It’s hard to live a life you just don’t feel you can commit to. We are given body parts and a gender identity when we are born. To later not feel as if we really belong in the body given to us.

While some people have a lifetime in the skin, they just don’t feel right living in. Some people get out and create a body they feel so happy and home in.

Although, this is an extreme change. It can be demanding both physically and mentally. You have to change your complete identity. This means opening up to your friends, family, and coworkers. Which means you may lose some people on the way, due to difference of opinion. Once you have made up your mind here are the 8 steps to a complete male to female male over.

Initial Decision

Making the initial decision can be the hardest part, simply because it’s the first. This is where it takes the most courage and commitment. You have to weigh out the pros and cons. Do your research and make an educated decision. You cannot make this decision out of the blue. It is a major life change. That will make you go through a major toll on your mental health, physical health, and your pocket.

Once you have committed to the change you have to find a strong support group. You cannot do this alone. No matter how strong you are. It’s just not healthy or safe for you to go through this all alone. You will have days that will test everything you have. During those times you will need someone to lean on.

Hormone Therapy

Once you found your support group. Told all the people closest to you, and fully committed it’s time to really make the next big step. It’s time to start a series of hormone therapy. This will not be a one and done process.

No matter the variation you choose it will be a long hard process ahead of you. Be sure to do your research and speak with your doctor on finding the perfect hormone therapy process for you.

When you are doing hormone therapy you may decide to try all-natural variations to start out, or you may decide to add them in during your hormone treatment. Things like Breast Enlargement cream, liquid, or herbal supplement tablets. These products give you a natural hormone increase to grow your breasts naturally. Which is a two for one when it comes to this process.

Male Chest Recognition

Speaking of breast enlargement after starting your hormone therapy you may begin thinking about enlarging your breast. While they may get larger on their own you may reach a plateau. Males chest areas are composed of similar material as female breasts, although there are differences. Which may give you results you aren’t fulfilled with. Male chest recognition will allow you to get a more feminized and perkier chest.


This next process will speed up the process of your hormone therapy. Orchiectomy is the process you must go through in order to remove your testicles. By removing the testicles, it will allow your body to quit fighting your hormone treatments. As they are in charge of creating the testosterone for your body.

This process is most commonly known for patients that have some form of health issue. Although, due to social acceptance for the trans community this process is growing both in size and knowledge.

Laser Hair Removal

By taking hormones facial and body hair should thin out. Although, you may still have problems with it. It takes a long time for your body to fully transition over. During this transition you may feel lost and stuck between two worlds.

Laser hair removal will allow you to feel more like yourself. Along with jump start the transition. While your body will naturally thin out your body hair by doing laser hair removal you are giving your body an out. What I mean is that you are allowing those hormones to work on more things and further help your body create estrogen on its own.

Tracheal Shave

It is the process where they shave down your Adam’s apple to be more feminine. This process will allow your facial structure to mimic more of a feminine neckline.

Sadly, enough your trachea won’t go down on its own, so this is a necessary step. You can always choose to opt out of any given step. The tracheal stage will not affect the hormone or long-term effects. Although, it will always be there until you decide to do so. For some transgenders they were blessed with a small Adam’s apple, for these people shaving it isn’t a big deal.

Facial Feminization Surgery

Some facial features will naturally change a little throughout the hormone therapy. Although, you cannot rely solely on the hormones. They work miracles, but they aren’t magic. Facial feminization surgery will allow you to fully adapt to a woman. You will no longer have to question what people see you as. As most people generally look at your face before anything even if it’s just a quick glance.

Penile Inversion Vaginoplasty

This step may be the last step, but it’s certainly one of the most important. You cannot truly embrace being a woman until you have the correct parts. By inverting your penis, you will officially have a vagina. Making you a woman that no one can argue with. Inverting the penis will allow you to wear clothes you once weren’t allowed to because your package was flaunted.


While these are the 8 steps it takes to fully become a woman that no one can argue with, it’s not limited. You truly get to decide what you want, and what you’d gladly skip over. Understanding your goals and steps you wish to take may be the most important. As this is a change of life, not just a change of hair color. But ROCK IT GIRL!


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